Ethical Policy & Author Guidelines


Guideline for Publication:

Ethical Policy:

  • Papers submitted for publication should be solely original and unpublished.
  • The corresponding author must write covering letter along with declaration certificate regarding plagiarism.
  • All individuals listed as author or co-authors must made substantial contributions and approve the final version of the article/research paper to be published.
  • The corresponding author must confirm that the author list is complete, that all co-authors have agreed to be included in the author list, and that all co-authors have read and agreed to submit the manuscript.
  • The contribution of other individuals/organizations or sources should be recognized as per law.
  • Authors are responsible for any copyright clearance, factual inaccuracies and opinion expressed in their paper.
  • Before submitting manuscript for publication the corresponding author is suggested to send/attach at least one referral letter from the academician of the concerned discipline with clear recommendation for publication along with the declaration certificate regarding plagiarism as per rules and regulation of UGC/MHRD/regulatory bodies to facilitate the process of publication.
  • Corresponding author should write “Conflict of Interest Statement”. Author/authors must disclose all conflicts of interest in the cover letter of their submission for consideration by the Journal.
  • After getting the manuscript, the acknowledgement will be sent to the corresponding author through email which does not guarantee for publication.
  • The editorial board will review article/research paper and the approved/recommended articles/ research papers will be sent to the reviewers/ referees for critical review of the paper.
  • All the papers will be sent to the referees for their suggestions and modifications. The corresponding author will be intimated for the same if any.
  • The acceptance letter will be issued after getting clearance from reviewer/reviewers/ referees.
  • The views expressed in the articles/research papers are the views of author/authors. It is not essential for editorial board members to be in agreement or disagreement. The sole responsibilities of the views expressed in article/paper are of the author/authors.
  • All decisions regarding members of Advisory board, Editorial board, Review board, Referee will rest with Editor-in –Chief.

Publication Policy:

Manuscript Submission:

1. Manuscripts should be typed on one side of the paper in Times New Roman Font size 12 for English and kruti dev Font size 16 for Hindi.
2. Maximum length of article/research paper should not exceed 3000 words including an abstract of 250 words.
3. Abstract should contain brief background/introduction, method, major finding/ issues discussed in article/paper and key words.
4. Papers must be accompanied with brief bio-data, email id and mobile number for future reference.
5. All diagrams, figures and tables should be in black and white only.
6. Proper biographical references must be given alphabetically in APA style at the end of the text or the following format may be used-

For Example:

Book (Single author)
Sharma,C. D. (1987) A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy. Motilal Banarsidas Publishers Pvt Ltd, Delhi.

Book (Two or Three authors)
Murty, S. & Pandey P. (2000) Education: today and tomorrow. Larence Publishing House, New Delhi.

Article/Research Paper (Single author)
Bingimlas, K.H. (2009). Barrier to the successful integration of ICT in teaching and learning environment: A review of the literature. Eurasia journal of mathematics, science & technology education, 5(3), 235-245.

Article/Research Paper (Two authors)
Dash, D, & Satapathy M. K. (2007).Education for Sustainable Development: Role of College and Teacher Training Institutions, University News, 45(49), 03-09.

Article/Research Paper (More than Three authors)
Ghavifekr, S. et al. (2012). ICT integration in education: Incorporation for teaching & learning improvement. The Malaysian online journal of education technology, 2(2), 24-45